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Our worldwide Ambassadors

gerald xing

Gerald works at Leanovate as a consultant, and has defined his role as being the evangelist for good product management in Berlin. At any given point in my career, I was more or less responsible for delivering a product, and I was always fascinated by the level of complexity it takes to create simplicity in a product.

Gerald Weith, Agile Consultant, Lenovate, Berlin

gerald xing

Andreas is product owner at American Express where he is building the next generation digital payment solutions. Before that he was working on the mobile payment platform Softcard which was acquired by Google in February 2015. The role and importance of product management is often misunderstood and thus not practiced or fully used to a business’ advantage. As the position continues to evolve, there is a need for exchange and learning from product managers in different fields. I believe that forums like the Product Management Festival foster the exchange within the product community as well as provide an excellent opportunity to learn from global product leaders.

Andreas Hunziker, Sr. Product Manager Digital Payments, American Express, New York

gerald xing

Tim is Vice Dean and Head of Research at the new School of Information Technology at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. As former Product Manager Financing at Finnova and Co-Author of the Platform he remain strongly attached to Product Management. Product Management has developed over the last years into a discipline which is essential for most IT companies. Especially with agile development the skillset of a Product Manager is required in any team. For us as University of Applied Sciences and Arts it is a major responsibility to teach our students about state-of-the-art methodologies in Product Management.

Dr. Tim Weingärtner, Vice Dean and Head of Research, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts School of Information Technology

gerald xing

Tebogo Mokwena is a graduate at the University of Cape Town where she studied a triple major Bachelor of science degree in Computer science, genetics and biochemistry with one year spent at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is the founder of an educational web app called Funda Nathi which aims to help improve the quality of education in South Africa by providing students with an opporturnity to access a better class room and soon-to-be virtual library at their finger tips. She is part of the TenXList community of excellent tech women all over the world and she is also the GHC Scholar 2015. She wishes to use her skills and tech knowledge to make a social impact especially in improving the quality of learning in Africa. She was selected as one of two only African candidates to be part of the European McKinsey Horizon 2015 programme.

Tebogo Mokwena, Founder of Funda Nathi

gerald xing

David Neville is the founder of Nevico. Nevico consults companies in Denmark within strategic product management. We have an ambition to raise the competencies of the product managers and to bring the newest knowledge and trends to our network. The Product Management Festival brings together the biggest capacities within product management and is a perfect fit for our ambition.

David Neville, Founder Nevico ApS, Denmark

gerald xing

Ravi Kumar is a Product Manager at Axoom. Previously, he was Product Manager at Teamviewer, Stuttgart, Germany and Product Wwner at Autodesk, Singapore. Ravi also runs a popular podcast on product management at YOURSPRODUCTLY.COM where he has interviewed the who's who from the product community around the world. Ravi was also the founder of Product Camp, Singapore and has been evangelising Product Management in Singapore since 2012.

Ravi Kumar, Axoom/YoursProductly, Stuttgart, Germany

gerald xing

After 10 years as a CA(SA) in financial services audit at Deloitte, Louise joined Finance at Barclays Africa, where she performed various roles over the next 5 years. Looking for a change, Louise took a challenging career shift into the Big Data, Analytics & Insights Team where I now perform a product owner role for various client facing apps and oversee Spend Analytics for the Bank as a whole.

Louise’s goals are to succeed in breaking new ground in the banking industry, by being the first team in Africa able to predict customer spend behaviour through data and analytics. All while constantly learning and maintaining a strong work/life balance.

Louise Pinto, Specialist Big Data, Analytics & Insights, Barclays

gerald xing

Sujoy is the first PM from India to build trust across PM community at Silicon Valley of his current employer & now owns a 65 million $ product line. Advice towards product managers: stay relentless yet persistent.
"I support Product Management Festival as it is a great platform to learn & meet from folks" (Both leaders & doers)

Sujoy Ghosh, Product Manager, Quotient, India

gerald xing

Amit, co-founder of online rental marketplace venture called, is a current Master's student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology pursuing Engineering Management. As a former product manager, he co-owned and co-designed the SAP's earliest avatar of SaaS based ERP offering targeted towards SME (Small & Medium Enterprise). He worked across industry domains across functions as varied as Pre-Sales, Technology Consulting, Product Management & Program Management while being a mentor, coach and leadership trainer.

Amit Kumar Tomar, Engineering Management Student at MIT (2016-17) Blockchain & IoT enthusiast, US

gerald xing

Blending a PhD in Computer Science and 12+ year experience in innovation, Iasonas has been passionate about Product Management from the very beginning. Having worked in various product positions delivering customer value and product with market fit, recently he started Pivodo, a Product Management agency offering trainings & workshops, staffing services and coaching for Product related positions. He supports Product Management Festival as a unique opportunity to get exposed to excellent Product talks and trends from Product Leaders and get connected with Product Professionals from all over the world.

Iasonas Antonopoulos, Managing Partner Pivodo, Vrilissia, Greece

gerald xing

"I've been managing web, software and mobile app projects for the last 3+ years. I started my own R&D company using product management principles. In addition, I teach product management at General Assembly to professionals who are interested in transition into the field.
I support the Product Management Festival because it affords for industry professionals to get to know each other outside of the office. Product management is a growing industry, still being molded by those who are actively involved. The ability to meet, be inspired and bounce ideas around with each other is great!"

Sherika Wynter, Senior Product Manager, Washington D.C., USA

gerald xing

Technical and creative. Built and scaled customer-centric products and teams. Fintech (DSTOQ), managed marketplace (Watchmaster raised $31.7M), ad-tech (Bonial raised $90M, Adswizz $150Mexit to Pandora).

Mirela Mus, Product Management Consultant, Berlin