Timo Wagenblatt

Group Product Manager

Timo is a Group Product Manager at Google. His main focus is providing ease and value to Google Shopping merchants and value and trust for shoppers. Prior to Google, Timo had the role as VP of Product Management at SAP in Walldorf, Germany. As Head of Product, he shaped and drove the incubation of cloud-native products that service underserved customer needs all the way to valuable product adoption for both customers and SAP.

He is dedicated to Software Product Management for more than 20 years working with clients and product teams across the globe building world-class enterprise solutions. His passion can be best described as continuously improving product management maturity while focusing on customer and company success by evangelizing and showcasing product-mindset.

Timo is a product leader who gained his experience working in organizations that range from 40 employees to more than 100.000 employees. Before he joined SAP, he established software product management at a start-up, gaining hands-on experience as the first product manager reporting directly to the CTO and co-founder.

Timo holds a Diploma in Business Administration with specialization in operations research, commercial information systems and industrial management.

In 2018, Timo started PYPR Software Product Management, his own start-up that is dedicated to helping product managers and founders adopting PYPR. He focuses on balancing and consistently improving all aspects of Software Product Management toward an aligned product mindset in the product team, department and the overall organization.