FAQs Speakers


We are planning for an in person format for this year’s conference which will as well be streamed online. This is subject to change depending on the travel/event restrictions at that moment. We hope everything will go according to plan and we can meet each other in Zurich again.


October 21, 2021 – Send over the slides for your presentation
November 9, 2021 – 10:00 Side events for PMF: Workshops, Summit, Women in Product (to be announced)
November 9, 2021 – 18:30 – Attend the Speakers’ Dinner where you will meet your moderator and the other speakers.
November 10, 2021 – 8:00 – Get your badge and join us at the event location for a tour and a tech test
November 10, 2021 – 18:00 – Enjoy the party of the event!
November 11, 2021 – 8:00 – If you are a speaker on the second day join us for a tech test
November 11, 2021 – Festival is over! See you in 2022!


Recommended hotels for the conference can be found here.



1. Do you have some tips for preparing my talk for PMF?

Watch Ram Papatla, PMF APAC Conference Board member on tips and tricks for PMF talks.

In addition, here are some tips from the PMF organizer team (for all PMF talks).

2. What does PMF Europe 2021 audience look like? 

Your target audience is Product Managers of at least 3 years’ experience. This year’s audience is over 1100 PMs including Heads and VPs of Product, CPOs, Product Owners, UX designers, customer experience folks. Most of the attendees are experienced product leaders, please keep this in mind when preparing your talk. Your talk will not be long enough to explain complex concepts.

3. What will be the duration of my presentation?

The presentation slot is 30 minutes, which is broken down into a 21 – 26 minute presentation with a 4 – 9 minutes Q & A session at the end. You have to submit your slides by 21 October. You will also be assigned a moderator to your session, someone from the Conference Board. They will contact you in advance to walk through your presentation, discuss ice-breaker questions. For now, your contact person at PMF is Agnes.

4. Why do I need to submit my presentation so early in advance? 

Most importantly, we want to make sure you enjoy your time on the PMF Stage and your talk is enjoyed and understood in its full by the audience as well. We want to avoid technical glitches on the day itself. For this, the AV team is running tests on all presentations the week before the conference. In addition, your session moderator (someone from the Conference Board) will get in touch with you in advance to walk through your presentation, discuss special requests.

5. What format does my presentation need to be in?

Ideally the presentation is 16×9 and a PDF, powerpoint, or Keynote. It is possible to send us a Keynote (with all font type files included).  It is  also possible to use Google Slides, however, please note, for the talk it will be downloaded to pptx (to avoid technical glitches during your talk).

Your talk slides (unless stated otherwise in Speaker Agreement) will be shared with participants after the event on a password protected platform, in PDF.

6. What does the room layout look like? Will I have a comfort monitor? 

The 30-min talks will all be in a cinema room (at ARENA Cinema).

The 60-min interactive sessions will be a separate workshop room. All interactive session facilitators will be contacted by end October with the room layout.

7. Can I use special animations, embedded videos, live demo, etc.? 

Special animations and embedded videos can be used as long as they are available offline. The AV team will make sure they all run smoothly. Please note live demo is not possible. 

8. Can I use Google Slides or other online accessible formats? 

We don’t recommend you to rely on the WIFI on site, it is always risky. We have a fully packed schedule, very little time for testing slides before the talk.

9. Can I use my own computer to present from? 

Unfortunately, no, it is not possible for the cinema room talks. For interactive session it may be possible, let us know beforehand. Regardless, please respect the 31 October deadline for sending in slides.

10. Will my presentation be shared after the talk?

Please note that directly after the conference we make the PDF copies of each presentation available to attendees through the Product Management Festival website, on a password protected page. It is possible to have two versions of your presentation, 1) for internal use of  presentation only 2) edited version for distribution. By default we share the file you send us in a PDF format.

11. Do I get a free ticket to the conference?

A free ticket will be made available to all speakers. The respective code was sent out to all speakers. Please register yourself via this code by going to the Ticket page and selecting Regular Tickets.  This code is for you only.

12. Who covers the costs for travelling and accommodation?

As a Speaker you will benefit from free entrance and free meals during the conference. Transport and accommodation costs fall into your/your company’s responsibility.