Daniel Strazzulla

Product Manager

Daniel is a Product and Research Manager focused on leveraging research to help organisations build great products. A true inter-disciplinarist, Daniel was officially trained in Computer Systems Engineering at the Universidad de las Americas Puebla in Mexico, where he also worked as a Software Engineer and eventually Program Manager at IBM.

He pursued graduate education at Stanford University, where he focused on Human-Computer-Interaction and Design, where he developed a keen interest in research, design thinking, lean processes, and product discovery. While in California, he also joined Apple as an intern, helping design their developers portal and submitting a proposal for a whole new product for self-ebook authoring.

He later joined Inria and Universite Paris-Saclay, where he spent 3 years as a PhD candidate in HCI, researching the use of communication technologies between intimate social circles. With hands-on experience in engineering, management, research, and design, Daniel now focuses on building bridges between organisations, helping teams keep focus on the big picture, and making visible how everyone contributes to building great experiences for customers.


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