Gabrielle Charnoff

VP of Product

Gabrielle Charnoff is the VP of Product Management at JOKR, a unicorn quick commerce company operating in Central and South America. Gabrielle was previously on the investing and operating teams at SoftBank Group International, where she held interim product positions at SoftBank portfolio companies including Wework and Oyo. She was also an investor at a majority woman owned and managed public equity fund, Cartica, which is focused on emerging markets, after beginning her career in investment banking at Citibank.

Gabrielle graduated with honors from the University of Miami. She grew up in a classic American suburb – Rockville, Maryland – but now splits her time between New York City and Tel Aviv. She loves painting, taking Miami inspired dance classes, (cheesy) runs and walks by any form of water, and is technically a certified yoga instructor though she wouldn’t dare teach!


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