Ilia Kuznetsov

VP, Corporate Programs, ABRT Venture Fund

Head of Strategy Development, Kaspersky Lab

Ilia Kuznetsov: Ilia Kuznetsov has a wide professional experience of leading various works in software development companies with headcount from 20 to 3000 people. He was a co-founder of Syntext, Inc, a startup that had a number of Fortune-500 customers.

In Kaspersky Lab, in various roles, including Deputy CTO, Head of Strategy Development, he was driving strategic initiatives and created new product portfolios and new units, implemented Lean/Agile for product management and development, lead large-scale change management projects. Recently Ilia joined ABRT Venture Fund to build industry partnerships and corporate relations with a mission to accelerate innovations in the corporate world by the joint work with VCs and startup community.


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