Iman ElNashar

eCommerce Director

This is Iman ElNashar, Egyptian. Worked my way in the products ladder from a junior product owner to now an eCommerce Director in 16 years of professional experience.

I love bringing chaos to structure! Believing that there is creativity in chaos and standard in structure.

Lucky enough to work in what I love most, building and transforming digital teams. Knowing that it’s all about people, process and agility. And for that, I complemented my experience and MBA with agile coaching and professional coaching accreditations along with continuous learning about people psychology, leading by strengths, organizational psychology – Since I believe that people are any entity’s greatest assets.

I have taken that passion and applied it to building and managing complex transformations (from people, process and product vision to delivery .. and to SCALE) and building digital teams who are now all great product leaders. My greatest reward is in building successors and seeing beautiful teams grow tall and steady!

I believe in giving back to our community 🇪🇬

so started Product Guys since 2018. Product Guys connects the products community and we serve them with talks, networking meetups, consultancy and hiring matchmaking.


  • Coffee lover ☕️
  • Animal lover 🐾
  • Travel lover ✈️
  • Diver 🤿
  • Crossfitter 🏋🏻‍♀️
  •  .. and a Yogi 🧘‍♀️


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