Kateryna Portmann

Senior Product Manager

I am a citizen of the world: lived and worked in Switzerland, the UK, Hong Kong, Middle East, South Caucasus and Eastern Europe. Born in Ukraine, I have completed 4 degrees in economics, international business, human rights, and MBA. I published a book on diversity as a tool for empowering women towards cross-functional and STEM careers and created a decade-long career in product management and strategy with government institutions and startups – all while being a mentor, philanthropist, and public speaker.

Before getting into the MedTech world, I started few and sold one successful company in EdTech, and made a prominent name in the Tech field around the world.

At the beginning of 2015 I have invested in HealthyLovedOnes, AgeTech startups in Hong Kong and founded HealthTech Network, an initiative for health and wellbeing ecosystem that facilitates investments, collaboration and awareness about new technology, AR/VR, data science and AI.

My superpower is product management, helping teams outperform by organizing work in the right way and with the right processes. I have been Senior Business Analyst at CompareGlobalGroup in Hong Kong for two years (being the only person without Computer Science background, but learning Python and R). Why? Because I love challenges and data driven decisions.

With more than 12 years of solid experience, today I am a Global Strategy Lead Connected Care and Data in Hocoma AG in Zurich, Switzerland. I’m developing HocoNet that seamlessly connects to our product portfolio to existing Hospital Information Systems so that it’s possible safely and efficiently manage and keep track of patient, treatment, and device data. This greatly reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, especially in parallel settings, and enables therapists to concentrate on what they do best: treating patients.


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