KEYNOTE: Radha Narayan

Senior Product Manager

Radha Narayan is a Senior Product Manager focused on building user Trust across Google’s products. In her 16 years at Google, she has been a Software Engineer, a Technical Program Manager, a people manager, and is now a Product Manager. She worked on the launch of Google’s first Pride Easter Egg on, the launch of the new Google Maps, and was the PM behind the launch of Incognito Mode in India, to help people access the web more privately. She is also the founder of Yes, at Google, an internal mailing list that tracks complaints around bias, microaggressions and harassment. She also founded a scholarship at her alma mater to support women in engineering.

At Google, Radha drives horizontal initiatives to improve privacy, security, reliability and equity of Google’s products. She is often brought in to align executives on a strategy that crosses organizational boundaries, and drive execution on projects that scale to several thousand people spread across the world. She leads technical and cultural change at scale, and will be sharing tips on how to bring warring factions together in common purpose, how to make incremental but meaningful progress on an overwhelming problem, and how to institutionalize change so it lasts long after you leave. Whether you’re launching a new product or starting a new movement in the diversity space, the same methods apply, and can help reduce burnout and make meaningful change happen quickly.


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