Michael Eckhardt


Chasm Institute

Michael Eckhardt is Managing Director & Senior Workshop Leader at Chasm Institute, a leading consultancy in Silicon Valley.  He is a veteran of Price Waterhouse, Harbridge Consulting, HP and Pepsico.  An MBA graduate of Harvard Business School and Wall Street Journal Award winner, Michael is a recognized expert in product management & high-tech market success.

Michael Eckhardt has worked with over 90 tech-based businesses in the past 15 years – from venture-backed start-ups to global tech leaders.  Founded in 1993, his clients include:  SAP, Intel, Cisco, Xilinx, Adobe, HP, AT&T Wireless, Jive, Agilent Technologies, Micron, HotChalk, LMC Data Systems, NetApp, Autodesk, Plantronics, Mentor Graphics, and other high-tech businesses in software, web, mobile, hardware and services.

His four primary areas of focus are: (1) target market success, (2) product management best practices and tools, (3) predicting customer reaction to new product intro’s, and (4) driving profitable innovation.

Michael Eckhardt and his Chasm Institute Team have worked on market strategy for winning products, services and solutions in Silicon Valley and worldwide.  Geoffrey Moore is Chairman Emeritus of Chasm Institute, and Eckhardt has edited + contributed to several of Moore’s best-selling high-tech strategy books, including the newest 2014-2015 Edition of “Crossing the Chasm 3.0” – as well as related articles and blogs.


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