Robbin Schuurman

Head of Product

Robbin can talk about product management all day long, and he literally does so. He is the Head of Product at Xebia Academy, founder of
Professional Product ManagementTM and The Value Maximizers, a Product Owner Course Steward at, writer, speaker, and author of
Master the Art of No – Effective Stakeholder Management for POs and PMs. Robbin’s career is all about Agile Product Management and he is
on a mission to move the profession of Product Management forward. He moves the profession forward by developing product people into
exceptional Product Leaders, through teaching, coaching, mentoring, writing, and consulting.

Robbin’s career started in product more than a decade ago, as he launched a software product for the healthcare sector, which miserably
failed in the marketplace. A fantastic learning experience, that has since helped him to manage and develop products in better ways, using
Lean and Agile principles, Product Discovery techniques, a clear Vision and Strategy, and others. Simply put; Robbin will help you to improve
your (product’s) impact on customers, value created, business agility, and time-to-learn.

He has worked with start-ups, hypergrowth scale-ups, small- and medium businesses, and global enterprises. Although Robbin has a vast
experience in Agile, Scrum, Project-, Product-, and Portfolio Management, his passion is all about product. With his latest product – called
Professional Product ManagementTM – Robbin provides skill-development programs for product professionals, that are not just awesome
(according to clients), but also deliver measurable results. Want to contact Robbin and start collaborating? Please connect via LinkedIn!


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