Shiva Rajaraman

VP of Product


How does it feel to work for a company that has over 20 Million paying users and 75 Million overall? As the saying goes: with great power, comes great responsibility, but how does Shiva manage it all? Proudly introducing as one of the highlights of the conference: Shiva Rajaraman.

Shiva enjoys building great teams that ship awesome products. He’s currently at Spotify where he’s the VP of Product for consumer and content experiences where he recently led the launch of a Spotify redesign including the introduction of new content including video and podcasts. Over the prior 7 years he held various leadership roles at Google and YouTube including leading viewer, creator, and mobile product. His teams drove search (2nd largest search engine), devices (TV/mobile, 500m+ devices) and watch (4B+ daily views).  He’s particularly fond of hip hop, frito pie, and all-memes-furry.


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