Supriya Uchil

Product technology executive, formerly

Supriya Uchil is a product technology executive, with over twenty years of experience in product and engineering executive roles across the west coast of America. She worked at in Seattle for 10+ years focusing on the core customer experience on a variety of products such as retail, social and Kindle devices. Her last role at was the technical advisor to the Sr. Vice President of Kindle devices. Supriya has also worked in a variety of start-ups like in San Francisco/Bay Area.

Supriya was also previously the Chief Product Officer of Booking Go, the ground transportation arm of Supriya has a dual masters degree with a masters in distributed computing from Michigan Technological University and an MBA from Wharton Business School.

Supriya loves product innovation and believes that design thinking is at the core of product disruption. She enjoys talking at conferences that sit at the confluence of product design and technology innovation.


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