Willem Vermaak

Director of Operations

Willem is a Product Management trainer and consultant, who has a passion for leadership and creating high-value products. His passion come
to live in everything revolving around product management, product leadership, product strategy, and product ownership. For Willem, it’s all
about a new way of leadership and creating value. Willem is specialized in product management, product leadership, product strategy and
product ownership. In his courses, he uses this knowledge and his experience (as an Armed Force officer amongst others) to dive deep into
ways to manage a team and use customer input to add value to every part of an organization.

Besides teaching Professional Product ManagementTM programs, Scrum.org courses, and coaching/consulting, Willem is also a regular speaker
at events and conferences. Willem is a co-author of the book: Master the Art of No – Effective Stakeholder Management for POs and PMs.
Willem is passionate about for developing people and organizations, and within that a special place in his heart for people that are accountable
for driving a product to success.

Willem has a background in Product Management, Agile ways of working, and Project Management. Furthermore, Willem served in the Dutch
Army as Platoon and Company Commander. Having this leadership background, together with the experience in Product Management, makes
him a great sparring partner for Product professionals to learn from. Not only about the tactical side of the job, but also how to develop into
product leaders, and to take real ownership of the product. Want to contact Willem and start collaborating? Please connect via LinkedIn!


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