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PM Brainfood

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Interesting Reads


1. Zero to One: Product Fundamentals For Go-To-Market

“The hardest thing about going from 0–1 is not building something, it’s getting people to care about your product. A successful go-to-market will create and amplify interest in using your product among your target customers.” Merci Victoria Grace, former Director of Product at Slack, shares a guide to provide a concrete, human behavior-centered overview of how to build a sellable product. (Merci Victoria Grace)

2. Build Products That Solve Real Problems With This Lightweight JTBD Framework

Drawing on her experiences building products at Lumosity, Oculus, and Facebook’s New Product Experimentation group, Sunita Mohanty, Product Lead at Facebook, shares a lightweight “jobs-to-be-done” framework for early-stage product teams, along with templates and go-to-market tactics. (First Round Review)

3. The Product Strategy Cycle

“Despite its importance, product strategy is not always effectively practiced. One of the key issues is that strategy and execution are not aligned but rather disjointed.” Roman Pichler has developed an iterative process called the product strategy cycle to address this issue. He explains how you can use the cycle to join up product strategy, product roadmap, KPIs, product backlog, and development work. (Roman Pichler)

4. The Case For Empowered Product Teams

“One of the central best practices of modern product development is the empowered product team. These teams have goals for customer and business outcomes, not goals in terms of the output. However, most organizations do not follow this model, but instead have delivery or feature teams.” Jens-Fabian Goetzmann will review some of benefits of the empowered team model as well as reasons why organizations stick with the “traditional” model, and show that in most cases, the empowered model will lead to better results in the long term. (Jens-Fabian Goetzmann)

We are pleased to announce Product Management Festival’s Women in Product in Europe List for this year. Each person on this list is an experienced product manager with a record of success. Thank you to all of them and to those nominating them!

5. Building Experiences Instead Of Features

“The emerging subscription-based economy is ushering in the age of “userism,” which shifts companies’ fundamental strategy from “shipping products” to “earning long-lasting subscriber loyalty.” Tim McCollum, Director, UX at Nutanix, describes the difference between the old business model of “consumerism” and the new business model of “userism” and what needs to be taken into account. (UX Collective)

6. Six Counterintuitive Rules For Being A Better Manager — Advice From Lambda School, Quip & Facebook

Molly Graham shares her collection of rules for managers, which include references to robots and wilderness medicine, assembled from her experiences scaling Lambda School, Quip and Facebook. First Round Review summarizes the key takeaways from Molly Graham’s appearance on the podcast “In Depth.” (First Round Review)

7. Staying Connected Through A Pandemic – 15 Minutes At A Time

“When we’re all stuck behind screens, it’s harder to meet people serendipitously or to interact with anyone we don’t already know.” Noah Askin, Program Director of the Product Management Executive Programme and Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at INSEAD, shares his advice on how to stay connected though a pandemic and how the simple idea of having virtual office hours can bring value. (Harvard)

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