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PM Brainfood

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Interesting Reads


1. OKRs In Product Management

OKRs – objectives and key results – are a method for setting and tracking goals. Roman Pichler explains the definition of OKRs, why this method is helpful in Product Management and how you should use this method. (Roman Pichler)

2. How To Organise A Review Of The Year Session For Your Team

A lot has happened in 2020 which you’d probably like to forget. But chances are, your team also did some really good work. Lucie McLean, Product Director at Zalando, shares why you should celebrate what you achieved in a team ‘Review of the Year’ session. (Product Coalition)

3. The Product Cannot Be Your Only Tool

“As a product leader, other people, and maybe you as well, will lead every conversation with you towards features and product capabilities. While this is where your direct ownership is, as a product leader you don’t have the luxury to focus only on that.” Noa Ganot, Product Executive, Author, and ex-Head of Product at eBay Israel, shares her experience. (Noa Ganot)

4. POC Vs Prototype Vs MVP: Which One Should You Choose?

“When it comes to developing a new product, you need to ensure that end-users’ actual problems are being placed with the right product-market fit solution.” This article summarizes the difference between POC vs Prototype vs MVP to validate the assumptions with the minimum set of features for its initial users.  (Medium)

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5. Team Communications For Product Leaders

“The ability to communicate and collaborate effectively is perhaps one of the biggest gifts that human beings possess.” Abhishek Chakravarty, Director, PM & Sales at Emerson Automation Solutions, shares tips on how to communicate effectively with your team as a Product Leader. (The Startup)

6. How To Bring Focus To Your Product (And Life)

“A product vision gives your team a north star to shoot for.” Will Lawrence, Product Manager at Facebook, shares why you need a product vision to bring focus to your product and explains how to write a great product vision. (UX Collective)

7. Twelve Leadership Lessons from DocuSign CEO Dan Springer

Successful business leaders don’t come from the same mold; use failure to push you to do better; humility makes you a better leader. Dan Springer, who leads thousands of employees globally as CEO of DocuSign, shares twelve leadership lessons.  (Entrepreneur)

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