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PM Brainfood

In this last PM Brainfood of the year, we have included a few recently-published articles that are not directly tied to the art and science of product management but are still relevant to product managers as human beings. The last few days of 2020 inevitably brings up thoughts of self-reflection over the year, some of which motivate for setting new goals for the new year.

Interesting Reads


1. My Product Management Wisdom Toolkit

“What are your top quality knowledge sources for product management?” Guy Peled, Director of Product Management at WalkMe, shares his Product Management Toolkit and summarizes his recommendations on PM-related podcasts, books, twitter accounts, and newsletters and what works best for him. (Guy Peled)

2. Be(com)ing A Product-Led Company

“Being a ‘Product-led company’ is a buzzword that’s being talked about quite often.” While it’s quite hip to talk about product-led, Christian Miccio, Product Lead/Exec, Entrepreneur & Advisor, first reviews the background and then shares pragmatic actions to be(come) product-led. (LinkedIn)

3. The 6 Steps To Roadmapping

“To create a roadmap, inputs are gathered and clustered into themes, then prioritized and visualized.” Sarah Gibbons, Chief Designer at Nielsen Norman Group, covers in this article 6 key steps to roadmapping that can be applied to any scope or industry. (Nielsen Norman Group)

4. When Going Fast Is Not The Same As Going Somewhere

“Moving fast is not the same as going somewhere.” Sebastian Lindemann, Senior Product Owner at Jungheinrich AG, quotes Robert N. Anthony as he explains why with decentralized structures on the rise, we should remember Porter’s fundamental concepts of business strategy that explain the success of today’s business heavyweights. (Product Coalition)

5. Seven Distinct Go-to-Market Motions For Software Products

“The efficiency and effectiveness of go-to-market motions are complex and generally not well understood. Go-to-market motion is not one simple thing. It must be applied in the right context, timing and in tandem with other variables.” Nitin Kumar, former CEO at Appnomic, shares different types of Go-to-Market Motion and common design issues. (Product Coalition)

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6. Why Won’t Netflix Party?

“Disney+ has a shared viewing mode. So do Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. There’s even a “Netflix Party” Chrome extension available in the Google Play store. So, why won’t Netflix launch the feature?” Gibson Biddle, former VP of Product at Netflix, shares why. A good short read on considering the implications of implementing a feature and whether it could hurt or help the brand. (Gibson Biddle)

7. Can Product Managers Use Data To Make It Through A Pandemic?

Have your best laid plans for how you were going to boost the success of your product at the beginning of the year gotten turned on their heads by the pandemic?” As a PM, you still have the same goals, it’s just that the rules of the game seem to have been changed. What you are going to need is some way to try to understand this new world that we all find ourselves living in.” This post explains why you need more information and data (and how to use it) to make it through this pandemic. (The Accidental Product Manager)

8. How to Lead When Your Team Is Exhausted — and You Are, Too

As we head into the second wave of Covid-19, you and your team may be feeling foggy, cranky, and fatigued. The adrenaline of the first wave is over and, while good news about a vaccine is on the horizon, getting through the winter may be the toughest leadership challenge of all. Author and Business Psychologist Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg explains how to lead when your team is exhausted and how to change things up every single day with a focus on energizing your team. (HBR)

9. The Bad Habit That Even Productive People Keep Falling Into

“One major difference between people who are ‘just’ productive and those who are truly effective is: knowing how to prioritize.” Hunter Walk, former Director, PM at Google and Partner at Homebrew, shares how you should prioritize your tasks. (Forge)

10. A Tactical Guide To Managing Up: 30 Tips From The Smartest People We Know

Top startup leaders share their best tips for managing up, including communication tactics, building trust, and goal setting with your manager. But the manager-team member relationship is a two-way street. This article also has a lot of relevance to managers as well. (First Round Review)

11. Where Did The Commute Time Go?

The Covid pandemic forced most workers to stop their daily commute to and from work. Managers mostly have just ended up working more. Andrew Kun, Raffaella Sadun, Orit Shaer, and Thomaz Teodorovicz provide the details of new research on these patterns and then suggest ways for managers to maintain a healthy work/life balance while doing their jobs from home. (HBR)

As 2020 comes to a close (🎉), we here at PMF want to wish you a happy holiday season! Want to see more or less of a certain topic? Let us know!

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