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PMF Connect #24 Special Guest John Cutler by Amplitude

  • 22nd September 2021
  • Zoom

When: Zoom, Wednesday,  22nd September 2021, 13:00 SGT (7:00 AM CEST)

From Funnels to Flywheels: how to build engines of growth

The standard, linear marketing funnel is etched into the minds of marketers everywhere. Awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation, and purchase — sound familiar? Meanwhile startups have embraced slightly less rigid models like Dave McClure’s “Pirate Metrics”: acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue. In a sense, these begin where the marketing funnel leave off, but are fairly linear nonetheless.

The digital product (and marketing) powerhouses of today are going a level deeper. They are embracing non-linear effects and “virtuous loops” (aka Product Flywheels) to build engines of growth that are self-reinforcing. In this talk we will explore the product flywheel concept, with a specific focus on marketing/product collaboration. How do you formulate your flywheel? How do you test it? When should you shift strategies? How do you measure it over the long term? Who is doing this well?
This exclusive session for PMF in APAC will give you the tools you need to go a level deeper than traditional funnels within your own company.


John Cutler is keenly focused on user experience and evidence-driven product development.  He mixes and matches various methodologies to help teams deliver lasting outcomes for their customers.

“Team tetris and the feature factory will only take you so far. Cross-functional teams desire so much more, and my passion is helping them get there. It’s a win/win for the front-line teams, the business, and the customer and user.”

John currently works as the Head of Product Research & Education at Amplitude. As a former UX researcher at AppFolio, a product manager at Zendesk, Pendo.io, AdKeeper and RichFX, a startup founder, and a product team coach, John has a perspective that spans individual roles, domains, and products.

His viral enthusiasm has been heard through speaking/teaching engagements at QCon NYC, Agile-Lean Ireland, UXThailand, UXLondon, Front, Oredev, Mind The Product, Agile 2015, and various ProductCamps (Vancouver, Los Angeles, Raleigh NC) and MeetUps (Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, New York).  John’s talk on Feature Factories was voted one of the Top 10 Product Talks of 2017.

Mixing in some less-than-typical experiences  driving rickshaws in NYC, and touring the US with “five other weird creative people in a van playing music”  John blogs prolifically about collaboration, product development, diversity, UX research, lean startup, and user experience. Some notable posts include The Evolving Product Manager Role, Persona(s) Non Grata12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory, and Stop Setting Up Product Roadmaps To Fail.


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