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PMF Connect #27 Building Products During a Transition to SaaS

  • 15th February 2022
  • Online

sponsored by Nexthink

During this session we will navigate the market needs and strategies for success of a transitional product on it’s path to become SaaS.

Meet Guillaume: Product Management Director at Nexthink who worked on the first cloud-native Nexthink product, Application Experience. He also worked as product manager for B2B finance and marketing products in international companies before this.

Meet Vlad: Passionate about new technologies, he worked for CERN, Caltech and a start-up before joining Nexthink. He enjoys electronics, astrophotography and generally all things tech related.

Meet Michael: Lead Product Designer at Nexthink and responsible of the Digital Experience module. Prior to this Michael worked as UX consultant for various private and public entities in Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. His favourite UX quote being “You are not the user,” Michael’s main mission is bringing the user’s point-of-view into any decisions and creating the best experience for them.

This PMF Connect session is sponsored by Nexthink, the leader in digital employee experience (DEX) management software. Note that upon registering for this session, your contact information will be shared with Nexthink. Nexthink is hiring! Check out their open product positions at https://www.nexthink.com/company/careers/.

The PMF Connect webinar series is brought to you by Product Management Festival. For questions, contact us at [email protected].

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