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PM Night Berlin @N26

  • 20th Feb 2020
  • Kurfürstenstraße 72, 10787 Berlin


Product Management Nights Berlin are local product management events where all members of the community are invited to join for an evening of exchange, knowledge and learning.

This event will be hosted by N26.

If you are interested in hosting a PM Night in your city, contact us at info[at]productmanagementfestival.com


18:30 – Guests Arriving
19:00 – Intro to N26 and PMF
19:05 – Panel Discussion 🗣️“Building great products while mastering challenges & conflict”
20:00 – Q&A❓
20:20 – Networking with guests 💬, food & drinks will be served
21:30 – Closing



🗣Speaker #1: Merissa Silk
Merissa Silk is a product leader from New York City with over 10 years of experience in the US, Australia, and Germany. Merissa specializes in new product validation using customer-centric methodologies. She previously launched innovative native app experiences and managed product teams for companies such as NY Daily News, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Atlassian, and CodeControl.

🗣Speaker #2: Simona Manole, Senior Product Manager @N26
Simona brings over 6 years of experience in working to combine the best of technology, data, product and design to execute a successful product vision in the area of onboarding and account funding.
She focuses on collaboration between customer and company goals, with cross-functional partners to deliver measurable outcomes.
Prior to joining N26 she spent four years in the Berlin startup scene helping marketplace, e-commerce and subscription companies put the customer front and center in all digital experiences.

🗣Speaker #3: Humberto Corona, Senior Product Manager @Zalando’s Fashion Recommendation Team.
With an academic background, Humberto has been in the field of Recommender Systems for almost a decade. He has a passion for using Machine Learning technologies to build truly personal digital products. He is the Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility co-chair of the ACM Recommender Systems Conference.

🗣Speaker #4: Katia Cassano, Lead, Product Credit EMEA at PayPal

Katia is passionate about building B2B and B2C products for established business and startups with more than 15 years of international experience in companies such as eBay, eDreams and Schibsted Media Group. Currently she is responsible for driving innovative credit solutions at PayPal as Lead Product EMEA. Katia has a master degree in Business Administration at Bocconi University and a certificate in Design Thinking at Stanford University.

📍Topic description
We hear it all the time; Management has a list of requirements for a new product line. The design team is tasked with designing; the dev team is tasked with building, and after reading 1,000 grueling feature requirements everyone reluctantly signs off on a release date. Then the real fun begins. The design team gets creative. The dev team gets technical. Product requirements are incorrect (or missed), Ego’s collide, and the whole team stresses to meet rapidly approaching deadlines. Where did the communication break down? Why can’t team members all speak the same language? Our panelists will discuss improving communication with stakeholders to maximise efficiency, conflict management and how to be more productive in a cross functional team.

🎤Moderator: Kristina Walcker-Mayer, Product Lead @N26
Kristina brings 9 years of digital experience to her current role as product lead at N26, where she focuses on driving early engagement. Before, she spent several years at Zalando leading product in the membership and mobile apps team. Besides her passion for building products, Kristina hosts her own podcast “emploYAY” that challenges us to rethink employment & purpose at work and showcases role models with nonlinear careers & new work approaches.