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PM Night Berlin - Virtual Event

  • 21st Oct 2020
  • Zoom

Product Management Nights Berlin are local product management events where all members of the community are invited to join for an evening of exchange, knowledge and learning.

If you are interested in hosting a PM Night in your city, contact us at info[at]productmanagementfestival.com


18:00 – Welcome and Intro
18:05 – Validating Hypothesis and Justifying Decisions
18:45 – Q&A❓
19:00 – Good Bye

Talk Description: Shilpa’s talk will cover the various ways a Product Manager can collect qualitative and quantitative data to validate their business hypothesis and justify business decisions at various points during the product development lifecycle.

About the speaker:

Shilpa Vir is a business-focused product leader and entrepreneur with a strong engineering background, currently serving as Product Manager at Google. Shilpa has spent 15+ years leading Product, Engineering, and Operations teams at Google, eBay, Microsoft, HP, and Yahoo, founded 2 startups and worked in several early and mid-stage startups. Being a woman of color, the first female in her family to get a STEM degree, and a first-generation immigrant to the US, she is an active diversity and inclusion leader and ardent supporter of empowering women in STEM. Shilpa is passionate about helping people achieve their career goals and shares her insights via her career coaching services as well as workshops and speaking engagements at various companies, events and conferences including 6 sessions at the Grace Hopper Conference in the past 6 years.

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