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Product Management Night Budapest #1

  • 26th May 2020
  • Zoom


Product Management Nights Budapest are local product management events where all members of the community are invited to join for an evening of exchange, knowledge and learning.

18:00 – Welcome and Intro
18:15 – Fanni Fejes

💡”How to tackle strategic pricing”
18:40 – Q&A
18:45 – Kristof Litavecz

💡“On Jobs Theory”

18:10 – Q&A
18:30 – Closing speech

Talks’ descriptions:

Kristof will speak about the Jobs theory that aims at figuring out how to innovate and build products that solve real customer problems, or as they call it, jobs. We all have many jobs to be done in our lives. Some are little (pass the time while waiting in line); some are big (find a more fulfilling career). He wanted to figure out how this applies to build software.

Fanni is a product coach at Founders Factory, where they have found that product pricing is one of the most challenging areas for the founders they work with. They designed a pricing workshop to help them tackle pricing challenges that quickly become very popular. Fanni will show you some practical tips that you can use to come up with the right pricing structure for your product effortlessly.

About the speakers: Fanni Fejes is a Product Coach at Founders Factory, a corporate-backed accelerator and incubator for early-stage startups based in London. She was working on a diverse selection of products from software to hardware before joining the Factory. Her natural curiosity led her to become a product manager and that is what makes her tick.

Kristof Litavecz – a product manager at Emarsys where he solves problems in the area of content management for email and web. Previously, he spent nearly 10 years in the online travel technology sector.

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