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PM Night London

  • 17th Mar 2021
  • Online

Product Management Night London

Zoom, March 17th, 5 PM BST/ 6 PM CET

Exploring the Product Leader Map

This talk is for leaders and future leaders involved with product management. Product leaders have three critical three areas of focus; products, team and culture. Meaningful product leadership is at the heart of all three. The aims are:

·  delightful, profitable long-lived portfolio of products.

·  capable, focused and cross-functional teams.

·  purposeful, collaborative and can-do culture.

This interactive talk will help you understand where to develop. We will explore the Product Leaders Map giving you direction as a leader.

Speaker Bio: Dave Martin is an executive coach at RightToLeft, helping product leaders to nurture product-led culture and drive growth. He coaches all levels of leadership such as Chief Product Officers, VP of Product and Head of Product. With 2 decades of product leadership experience working across VC startups, PE-backed transformation and market-leading organisations he has practised different leadership styles and structures. Dave has worked on products for Google, Tes Global, PepsiCo, Bauer Media, CompareTheMarket and various startups.

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