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Product Management Night Porto

  • 19th Nov 2020
  • Online

Product Management Nights Porto are local product management events where all members of the community are invited to join for an evening of exchange, knowledge and learnings.

Zoom, Nov 19th, 6:30 PM WET/ 7:30 PM CET

“Build for Augmentation”

by Amin Bashi

Accelerating Data Science Impact on Your Product: Minimizing Friction and Time for Producing Outcomes

by Jorge Ribeiro, Manuel Reis and Ricardo dos Santos

Talk: Build for Augmentation

Product and Design Leaders who consistently design and build great products over time are said to have great “product sense.” Product sense is simply the ability to consistently design and build for value. More than ever, Artificial Intelligence needs product sense. AI cannot figure out what problems to solve. If as Product and Design Leaders, we are not aligned with a human need, we build a very powerful system to address a very small or perhaps nonexistent problem. We have a unique and tremendous opportunity to shape a more humanist and inclusive world in concert with AI, and it starts by remembering our roots: finding and addressing real human needs, upholding human values, and designing for augmentation, not automation.

Talk: Accelerating Data Science Impact on your Product

Minimizing friction and time for producing outcomes

Despite most companies growing investment in people specialized in data science, it is still far from a love story. The cooperation with other forces and roles within the companies is often frustrating. When including data science in the picture – ideas, possibilities, and experiments are endless,  but your time and resources finite. We will talk about nurturing teams, people and developing dynamics for making the integration of data scientists a success for your product.

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