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PM Night Zurich @Tamedia

  • 26th March 2019
  • Werdstrasse 21, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland


Product Management Night is a local product management event where all members of the community are invited to join for an evening of exchange, knowledge and learnings.

If you are interested in hosting a PM Night in your city, contact us at info[at]productmanagementfestival.com



17:45 – Registration

18:00 – 18:20 Welcome from PMF

18:25 – 18:45 Marzia Mura – Sen. Technical PO at Swisscom and Armin Lederberger – Product Manager «Voice» at Swisscom on “Product Owner and Manager jointly delivering value in an agile organisation”

18:50 – 19:10 – Leoni Runge – CPO at BlockFactory on “Get Things Moving By Building Alignment”

19:15 – 21:00 – Apero and networking

If you have a story from Product Management you are eager to share with our community, write to us at [email protected]