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PM Night Wroclaw Virtual Meetup in collaboration with PMC Center

  • 28th of May, 6 pm CEST
  • Zoom


Product Management Night is a local product management event where all members of the community are invited to join for an evening of exchange, knowledge and learnings.

Speaker: Elwira Medynska, Product Manager @ Relativity
💡 Cultural Differences: How to approach them in remote teams
Topic Description:
In the modern world of internet and international businesses the boundaries between residents of different countries become more and more blurred. Very often we stick to the idea that knowing the language (mostly English, of course) would solve all the communicational problems, especially when working on remote and with remote teams in particular. But is it so? Is it enough?
During this session we will try to dive into the importance of knowing some cultural peculiarities of your remote colleagues in order to make the contacts bring you what you are expecting: just to hear and just to be heard! Being Product people it is of high importance for us to be on the same page with the teams we collaborate; to be sure the message we send is clear and transparent and vice versa – the issues the team has are clear and comprehensive for Product People.
About the speaker:
Elvira Medynska started her Product Manager’s journey at Oracle. After several years of intensive comprehensive experience she has recently moved on to continue her professional growth with Relativity.
Over these years in product management Elwira has gained a vast experience in work with multi-cultural environments. She has worked with 100% remote teams, and some local too.
Thereof Elwira has obtained deep insight into the cultural peculiarities of the people she had worked with. Practical tips and tricks on how to effectively communicate with versatile people in different teams came along.
While in the current mode of forced remote communications you’ve got to be really skilful and make use of every helpful tips Elwira is gladly sharing her experience with the Product Management Community people. Don’t miss the insights!
Partners: Product Management Community Center and SoftServe



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