PMF Connect #11: [Building for Growth] Churn Down for What?

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Isabella Yamin - PMF Connect #11

PMF Connect #11 with Isabella Yamin, Product Manager of growth and monetization at Rakuten Viki: [Building for Growth] Churn Down for What? 

Do people around you think that monetization is a dirty word? Or is your company trying to experiment with different ways of monetization without compromising growth? Come join PMF and Isabella in an interactive session, exploring B2C and B2B2C monetization and retention strategies through the lens of her learnings at Bumblebee Spaces and Rakuten Viki.

What’s in it for you? 

  1. Peek under the hood for monetization strategy at an early-staged vs. sustainable growth at a mid-sized startup
  2. Actionable examples of monetization strategies
  3. Actionable examples of churn management


Zoom, Wednesday August 05, 12 PM CEST, 6 PM SGT/ MYT

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