PMF Connect #14: Five Lessons From Running Product Strategy Meetings

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PMF Connect #14 with Tom Lui Product Manager at Gogovan: Five Lessons From Running Product Strategy Meetings

What is the event about: 

Maintaining a focus and aligned product strategy has always been one of the key challenges for Product Managers, and it only gets harder as the company scales. This talk will include our experience in using product strategy meeting to 1) drive alignment across teams, 2) empower stakeholders to execute our strategy, and 3) practical tips for running the meeting effectively.

About the speaker: 

Tom is the Senior Product Manager at an on-demand logistics platform, GOGOX, where he is in charge of drivers experience. He has joined the company for 4 years, witnessing the growth of the company as well as the transformation of the team. He led the GOGOX Driver app global revamp project and launched new order matching system. Prior to joining GOGOX, Tom worked on app store optimization and the launch of new social products at 9GAG.

When: on the 17th of September at 12 pm CEST/ 6pm SGT




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