PMF Connect #7: Building Products That Are User-Centric by Design – Radhika Dutt, Product Leader and Entrepreuneur @ Radical Product Thinking

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Radical Product Thinking: Building Products That Are User-Centric by Design

We’ve learned to take an iteration-driven approach to build user-centric products: test solutions to see what works with users, iterate, rinse and repeat. While iteration is an important tool, it doesn’t guarantee a user-centric product. Being user-centric by design is similar to the concepts of privacy by design and security by design. How do we bake user-centricity systematically into every step of building our product?

In this interactive talk by the founder of the Radical Product Thinking movement, you’ll learn how to take a systematic approach to being customer-driven from vision through execution. We’ll talk about the common diseases that our products can catch when we lose that focus and how you can avoid them. Join us for this interactive talk where you’ll craft outputs that you can apply right away so you and your team can build products that are user-centric by design.


  • Introducing the Radical Product Thinking approach and how you can design user-centricity into your vision, strategy and priorities.
  • Attendees get a few minutes to complete each exercise and then will be sharing the answers with the group, followed by discussion and feedback.
  • As a followup from the workshop, attendees will be able to use the work done to finish crafting the vision, plan their priorities, and craft a clear product strategy. You’ll then be able to use these tools to communicate a user-centric approach to your team.

Helpful prework: 

Before the session it may be helpful to read the following to become familiar with the concepts being introduced and Radical Product Thinking:

Download the free .pdf toolkit that contains follow up material that you can use after the talk.


Zoom, Thursday 04th of June, 12 PM CEST, 6 PM SGT/ MYT




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