Sponsored PMF Connect Overview and Information

(Action items needed from sponsor are bolded):


  • PMF Connect is a 1-hour webinar series hosted by Product Management Festival
  • As a sponsor of a PMF Connect session, you have the option to provide a speaker.
  • If you wish to receive leads from the session, it must be stated upfront and included in the agreement. 


  • PMF Connect sessions are scheduled on a first come first serve basis; we will work together to find a date and time.
  • PMF will be responsible for the marketing of the PMF Connect session, setting up the registration form and online platform, and sending out session reminders. 
    • PMF registration forms will require that registrants acknowledge during their registration that they know their data will be shared with the sponsor.  
  • The sponsor will be responsible for providing the speaker and topic/content.*
    • Please note that session registration numbers can vary greatly due to speaker/company/topic. The PMF audience are product managers of all seniority levels and from across many industries and companies large and small. They are mostly  from Europe, North America, and Asia. 
    • Light demos are permitted but need to be in context of a use case.
    • The speaker can be from your own company or from a client/partner of yours; should be a speaker and topic relevant to product management
  • PMF marketing efforts will include: 2 newsletters to the PMF database highlighting the PMF Connect session for registration, push through our social media channels weekly leading up to the event, posting on LinkedIn product management groups 
  • PMF will follow-up with the registrants for a thank you note and link to the recorded video of the session. If you would like us to add a brief message from you, please let us know.

*Speaker title, logo, bio, session title, and session description must be provided at least 1 month before the scheduled session. If not provided by then, we reserve the right to reschedule the session. (We would work with you on finding a next available date.)  


  • The PMF Connect session is held on PMF’s Zoom platform, and the speaker and PMF moderator/host will be on screen and sharing slides. It will be recorded so we can share it with the registrants afterward.
  • The session format generally follows:
    • 5 minutes introduction from PMF moderator/host; speaker will also be introduced
    • 35-40 minutes presentation
    • 5-10 min Q&A moderated by PMF
    • 2-3 min wrap-up by PMF
  • We ask that the speaker(s) log in 20 minutes early so the PMF moderator/host can help test your camera and microphone.
  • There is a chat function available during the session.