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18-22 May 2020 @ San Francisco, USA

1-5 June 2020 @ Fontainebleau, France

21-25 Sept 2020 @ Fontainebleau, France

19-23 Oct 2020 @ Singapore

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What is the programme?
Duration: 5 days
An accelerated executive leadership talent development programme from award-winning INSEAD faculty and advanced product management sessions from PM executives at the top technology companies.
This programme is for Chief Product Officers, Head of Product, VP of Products and similar title levels who wish to refine their executive leadership skills. It is also for rising senior product leaders transitioning to executive product roles.
Price: €9200
Who is teaching it?
Our sessions will be led by award-winning INSEAD professors and leading PM executives at top technology companies including:
Noah Askin, Asst Professor at INSEAD
Gibson Biddle, ex-VP Product/CPO at Netflix/Chegg
Dries Devos, Product Manager, B.I.G.
Bettina Goerner, MD Data Products, Springer Nature
Remi Guyot, VP Product Mgmt at Blablacar
Mark Hull, Director Prod Mgmt at Facebook
Li Huang, Asst Professor at INSEAD
Giovanni Iachello, Head Intl Video Products at Facebook
Tilke Judd, Product Manager at Google
Raphael Leiteritz, Sr Dir Prod Mgmt at Google
Minal Mehta, Head of Product-Next Billion Users at YouTube
Ram Papatla, VP Global Experiences at Booking; ex-VP PM at Flipkart
Mina Radhakrishnan, co-founder at Different, first Head of Product at Uber
David Vismans, Global Director & CPO at
Why should I attend this programme?
As product executives advance in their careers, the type of responsibilities they face grow. Part of the programme will involve real cases from leading digital companies. Attendees will learn from the leading tech companies how they organize, lead, and run PM from an executive’s standpoint. And PM execs also have to focus more on topics such as influencing and shaping organizations, leading without authority, communicating at the board level, and more. A standard PM education is insufficient at this point and so we have partnered with INSEAD, which has experience teaching these topics at the executive level.

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Leading your Organization to Success

Product Management (PM) is now an executive level function. As companies become more product-led and product-centric, Chief Product Officers and other executive product roles are appearing and rising in prominence. At this level, strong leadership skills are critical to the success of the individual, team, and organisation, and oftentimes, people don’t realise the impact their leadership style can have on themselves and others. As more product managers reach the executive ranks, they and their companies are recognising the need for accelerated development in this area.

To begin the process of honing executive-level product management skills, the Product Management Festival (PMF), an organisation dedicated to the development of product managers, and INSEAD, have partnered to develop the Product Management Executive Programme. It provides current and rising PM executives with the tools, knowledge and know-how to lead effectively and to amplify their impact in the organisation.

The Product Management Executive Programme is designed to provide attendees with opportunities to deepen their understanding of leadership and to develop their capacity to exercise it effectively and responsibly, while also providing a balance of PM-focused sessions. It will be led in tandem by INSEAD faculty and product executives from leading technology companies, providing strategic insights from the field and skills that will be critical to your success. The leadership and PM content is intertwined to reflect the many demands PM executives face.

How you Benefit

Confront, acknowledge, and develop your leadership style so that you can lead yourself and your organisation through growth and change​

Explore frameworks, recognise your impact on group dynamics, and design actionable plans to guide you in how to build, develop, and retain your teams

Learn executive-level topics from top product management executives who will help you apply what they’ve learned in the field to your situation

Enhance essential soft skills as you learn how to interact and negotiate with the board, investors, strategic partners and other stakeholders

Grow your network with other product executives and gain access to leading product management experts worldwide

Participant Profile

The programme is tailored for current product management executives who desire further personal and career development to amplify their impact on the organisation. It is also designed for rising product management leaders who are transitioning into top executive roles.

Content Overview

The Product Management Executive Programme has been designed for you to build upon and integrate your past experiences, your current situation and your future aspirations. Through guest lecturers from leading technology companies, cases, group activities, and feedback and action planning, you will have opportunities to explore how leadership works, to learn how PM executives have maximised their impact within their own organisations and to lead and develop a sustainable product team. The programme consists of a three-pronged approach:

Product Leadership
Learn from those who’ve come before you. Product management executives at the top technology companies present on topics that are critical to your success such as:
Scaling the PM organisation
Managing a board and other stakeholders
Managing a product portfolio
Building a product strategy and managing growth
Using OKRs and KPIs effectively
Guiding through org changes such as M&A
Leadership Development
INSEAD professors use group activities, cases, live examples and more to help attendees personally and professionally develop through topics such as:
Acknowledging and developing your leadership style
Acquiring the skills to lead diverse teams
Leading without formal authority
Understanding and using networks
Harnessing the power of organisational culture
Honing negotiation skills
Communicating with a board
Recognising your impact on group dynamics
Personalised Action Plan

Programmes are not effective unless you have a way of tying them all together. The Product Management Executive Programme includes dedicated sessions that enable you to combine all the lessons learned and synthesise them into a personalised action plan

Programme Faculty/Advisors


Sample Programme Schedule*

Light green days are predominantly organizational/leadership content;

Dark green days are predominantly PM content

*schedule for each programme may vary slightly


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Programme Overview