Eveline Moczko

Head of Product Management

Hi, I’m Eveline! Currently at Blinkist, the leading destination for lifelong learners. After years of launching and managing products in the e-commerce and food delivery space, I’m now happy to work on a big idea that I can be passionate about: inspiring people to keep learning. As the first Product Manager at Blinkist I started out as an all-rounder, but for more than 4 years have been responsible for product lead growth, playing a key role in growing our user base to over 20 million. Today I am taking on the role of Head of Product Management, leading an incredibly strong team of 5 amazing PMs.

I’m passionate about data and I’m weirdly in love with A/B testing (even if I diss it sometimes). On my morning commute you’ll find me on a train with headphones on, listening to Blinks or a podcast. In my lunch break you’ll find me at the foosball table, and in the evenings you can sing a duet with me at the Karaoke bar.