Women in Product Management Official List 2020

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Back in 2016, Marty Cagan wrote about why Women Make the Best Product Managers.

We are pleased to announce Product Management Festival’s Women in Product in Europe List for this year. Each person on this list is an experienced product manager with a record of success. These ladies come from all backgrounds, from engineering to finance, from startups to corporations, but what they do have in common is that they have made a difference in their companies, community, and profession. Thank you to all of them and to those nominating them!

Women in Product Management in Europe 2020

  1. Based in Ireland, Karen Tierney is the Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at SilverCloud Health. SilverCloud Health is the world’s leading digital mental health company. We need more entrepreneurs working on the mental wellbeing of people, especially during times like these!
  2. Juliet McCormack is the VP Product Management at Pushfor, an online security product. She is known for creating an amazing atmosphere inside the teams she works in. As a product leader, the mood inside our teams is vital for the success of our product.
  3. Anna Brailsford is an entrepreneurial leader with a history of exceeding growth targets within the tech industry. She is the CEO at Code First: Girls.
  4. Based in Ukraine, Oksana Krykun is an Associate Director of the Product Management Office at SoftServe, an active Product Management promoter in her community, and an entrepreneur. Oksana has been contributing a lot to the growth and development of their internal Product Managers as well as to the development of the Product Management Mindset and Expertise on the Market.
  5. Breffni Horgan has recently founded Productbyte Consulting and is based in Dublin. She is currently acting CPO for fintech startup MyMoneyJar. She is a global product leader in the e-commerce & mobile space holding previously roles as Head of Product at Zalando and Chief Product Officer at Hostelworld. She is recognized for her technical savviness and her professionalism.
  6. A Harvard fellow, Alice Newton-Rex is a Chief Product Officer at WhatsApp with a proven track record of building commercially successful, user-centred products and services, and building world-class product and design teams.
  7. Cait O’Riordan is Chief Product and Information Officer (CPIO) at the Financial Times and previously the VP Product at Shazam. A journalist by background, Cait was Head of Product at BBC for the London Olympics. She ranked 9th in the UK’s 100 most influential CIOs in 2017 and will be one of the keynotes this year at Product Management Festival.
  8. Berlin-based Nina Julie Lepique is the Co-Founder & CEO of femtasy,the first audio platform for women’s sexual well-being. Before founding femtasy, she worked at Xing and kununu.
  9. With a focus on design Marisa Marín Alberdi is Chief Product Officer at Devengo, a Madrid-based platform which allows employees and employers to collaborate in real time. Marisa is a graduate of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.
  10.  After leading product for more than 10 years in different organizations, Swiss-based Tanja Lau founded Product Academy to help women in product and not only improve their skills, gain confidence in what they do, and strive for more.
  11. Moscow-based Irina Cherepanova has been the Chief Product Officer at uCoz for over 11 years. She is a graduate of Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation (Technical University) and speaks fluent Japanese.
  12. Vivienne Sung is a Product Lead at Facebook and is based in London. She is an entrepreneur, start-up advisor, angel investor, and passionate product. She holds a degree from Oxford University in Psychology and Philosophy.
  13. Evgeniya Petrova is the Chief Product Officer at ivi.ru, the most popular Russian free video service. Her colleagues describe her as a  guide, motivator, and a leader who sets high standards.
  14.  A volunteer fire-fighter, Christiane Demgenski is the Chief Product Officer for Awina, an app that helps parents balance work and family life, promotes long-term financial stability, and aims to prevent poverty for senior citizens.
  15. Copenhagen-based Annick Verhoeven  is a senior product manager at Maersk, designing and implementing a product development framework that is now used by the company’s entire Ocean & Logistics business unit. Her cross-functional acumen receives high praise from stakeholders for her ability to spur senior leaders and turn business problems into actionable opportunities. She speaks 6 languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German (and Product!).
  16. Chief Product Officer of Just Eat, Storm Fagan is also the Founder and President of the Frome Women’s Institute. Her teammates describe her as a great manager who inspires loyalty in her teams and gets the best out of everyone she works with.
  17. After being a PM at BlaBlaCar, then VP Product at Aircall, Paris-based Maïa Metz is helping the future generation of Product Managers launch their PM career with Noé.
  18. Poland-based Karolina Rakowska has driven to fruition most of the monetization value-added services OLX group offers to customers. She has a Master of Economics degree in Electronic Business and is organizer of Product Tank Poznan. Karolina has earned a nanodegree in AI and shares knowledge with others through mentoring. Lately, her focus has been on strategizing how to utilize machine learning in her area.
  19. Leah Farmer describes herself as a Tech Leader, Product Builder, Anti-Racist, Writer, and Pacesetter. She is a SVP of Product at Tourlane and before that was a VP of Products at Klarna. Leah is an inspiration to people in her team, and people who have worked with her think she is one of the most gifted product managers that they have had the pleasure of working with.
  20. Stockholm-based Lisa Lindqvist leads Global Product Management and Product Development Refrigeration at Dometic. Before that she worked as Head of Product at Electrolux. She is described as being ambitious, a doer, a fighter, curious, motivated, eager to initiate and implement improvements, a great PM leader, and a great example for all PM & PMM professionals.
  21. With nearly 10 years of Product Management Experience, Delia Popa  has become a real driving force in Amadeus’ Product Management organization. She is an expert of her customers and their businesses and how to drive internal stakeholders to bring value to market efficiently. Delia has worked in a number of areas to support the airlines business and brings this past experience into everything she does to make sure she keeps her eye on the big picture. She is dedicated to relentless improvement and seeks ways to improve operational efficiency.
  22. Cosima LeFranc is the Head of Product at TestingTime.  Cosima doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She develops great technological products, which are both desired and bought by customers. She ensures the success of the product and new product features as well as sustains the success by talking regularly to the users. With a dual background in Business Intelligence and Quantitative Finance, Cosima is on a constant quest to find new data-driven insights from product usage. She enjoys discovering new ways in which she can help not only the users of the product to become more successful, but also assist other teams within and beyond of the company. Cosima is an inspirational woman and is actively contributing to the next generation of female PMs.
  23.  Israel-based Netali Jakubovitz is a Senior Product Manager for Doodle. Her team members describe her as being a talented, inspiring, and passionate PM with a knack for story-telling, she has matured to become a dedicated leader supporting her people with her whole heart.
  24. Giulia Greppi is the Global Head of Maersk Flow and she is based in The Hague, Netherlands. In an organization that is trying hard to move from asset-heavy operator to a logistics integrator, Giulia has led Maersk Flow – a digital product that allows small and medium businesses to take control of their supply chain -from its inception to successful launch and early growth in 2020. She has a strong vision, is always open to new ideas, and is great at leading a large and very diverse group of stakeholders to achieve what matters.
  25. Andra Ciorici is a VP of Product at UiPath a Romanian-based robotic process automation Unicorn with a valuation of $10 billionUSD. UiPath struggled for almost ten years to find a product market fit. But since 2015, the company has experienced exponential growth thanks to a roduct success story to which Andra contributed.
  26. Maayan Gottlieb is Head of Product, AutoCAD mobile at Autodesk. he is a key part of the global AutoCAD PM organization. In her role, she led a few revolutions in the way the organization functions and the development of their cross-platform strategy and vision and was able to engage and motivate all the teams (R&D, UX, Marketing, etc.) to join the ride and overhaul the way they work and the value they delivered tocustomers. To do so in a complex corporate environment out of Tel Aviv with a 10 hour time difference from her peers and executives in the San Francisco headquarters makes it an even greater achievement. Her peers believe she’s a PM superstar and one of the brightest stars in the Israeli PM sky.
  27.  Bitwala’s Chief Product Officer, Kristina Walcker-Mayer, isa mentor and a trainer in product. Previously, she was a product lead at N26 and Zalando. She is described as being a great leader with a highly motivated and ambitious personality, very proactive, smart, and passionate about her roducts.
  28.  Susana Videira Lopes is a Director of Product at Onfido, based in London, and oversees the Biometrics Line of Business. She’s a seasoned B2B Product Manager with over 7 years of individual contributor experience. Susana now splits her time between managing and coaching product managers, working on new value propositions, and crafting long-term strategies. A Bioengineer by training and proud data nerd with an Engineering diploma from Imperial College London, Susana is into kickboxing, bouldering, and gardening.
  29. Frankfurt-based Hala Zeine is Chief Product Officer at Celonis, a leader in big data process mining for enterprises that received $290M in funding on a $2.5B valuation. Prior to Celonis, she worked for SAP for over 19 years. Hala is an avid believer that successful leadership entails building sustainable businesses. She is particularly passionate about the impact digital solutions can have in creating highly resilient, ethical, and sustainable businesses. She actively pursues this goal through a large variety of corporate and non-profit engagements to leave behind a better planet for future generations.
  30.  Rasika Krishna-Schmid is the VP of Product at Anyline. With a degree in Social Psychology, Rasika has worked as a product leader across continents in digital/tech products, platforms, and businesses in areas including classifieds/marketplaces, e-commerce, financial services, health, government, transport, environment, and beyond – at companies ranging from startups to large-scale public entities. She is described as a bright, personable, forward-thinking, conscientious person who puts her all into every task she undertakes. She is equally adept at managing the “big picture” aspects of a project as she is at ensuring that the details are completed well.

Thank you all for all your efforts and contributions to the product community! Product Management Festival will be providing all women who made it to the list complimentary passes to the Product Management Festival 2020 edition.

We look forward to celebrating with ALL female product managers at the Women in Product during Product Management Festival.

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