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Back in 2016, Marty Cagan wrote about why Women Make the Best Product Managers.

We are pleased to announce Product Management Festival’s Women in Product in Europe List for this year. Each person on this list is an experienced product manager with a record of success. These ladies come from all backgrounds, from engineering to finance, from startups to corporations, but what they do have in common is that they have made a difference in their companies, community, and profession. Thank you to all of them and to those nominating them!

Women in Product Management in Europe

  1. Based in Nice, France, Afef Sioud has been a Product Manager for nearly 10 years focusing on airline IT systems. She is a natural leader, bringing together Product Managers and Business Owners from multiple product areas to ensure they are all working in a same and focused direction to bring value to customers. She has a clear outlook on the long term goals of the products under her responsibility and is able to translate that into short term achievable milestones that are communicated and agreed upon by all stakeholders.
  2. With a Master’s in Medical Physics from ETH, Aghnes Rizkallah Greuter is a Global Product Line Manager, Power Quality and Energy Storage at Hitachi Energy. She acts as the entrepreneur of her products, taking ownership, showing passion, listening to the customer’s voice and driving the market with a clear vision and strategy and a product development roadmap. She ensures there is a bridge among sales, R&D, operation, SCM and service.
  3. Aida Centelles is a product manager by heart! Currently at SAP, she has intensive experience in product management in the area of data analytics, AI, and process mining. Previously, Aida was at Bosch, where she led an internationally-distributed team of data scientists, data engineers and machine learning experts (approx. 20 people) to build a Bosch-inhouse manufacturing analytics platform. She succeeded in onboarding a 3-digit amount of Bosch production lines within 2 years and corresponding sales growth.
  4. Truly a product innovation firestarter, Alexandra-Irina Nicolae generates, evaluates and brings to life new ideas constantly. She took over the role as the Senior (aka Señorita) Product Owner of a new group-wide innovation initiative and helped to make it a big success story in less than a year with her expertise, creativity and can-do attitude. She knows her craft, is always happy to share her knowledge and is never afraid of getting challenged by and learn from others.
  5. Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Anabela Cesario created a Product Operations area from scratch to support her company’s hyper-growth. In one year, the area was recognized across the company, improved the efficiency of the Product Management team by 60% and achieved a Stakeholders CSAT of 85%. Also, she launched an internal B2B Product Management Academy and created the Product Ops Unwrapped talk series to share the experience and the learnings with the PM community. 
  6. With a degree in Engineering, Andrea Stubbe started out as a developer, transitioned to product manager and even took the road of entrepreneurship. In her current role, she enabled the globalization of the product organization and coordinated efforts across multiple continents, aligned the company behind a singular product vision while still maintaining individuality amongst teams. All of this was done while also ensuring a cohesive product organization using tools and implementing processes to enable the product organization to aggregate and coordinate various information sources.
  7. Beatriz Pastrana Diaz is a talented and inspiring Product Manager at Amadeus with over 10 years of experience. Beatriz is recognized for her business acumen, customer focus, commitment to quality, and eagerness to initiate and implement improvements. She is a strong ambassador of Product Management practices and mindset within the organization.
  8. Head of Product Management at YouTv in Copenhagen, Bozena Grasela-Haslund has an incredible drive and willingness to get stuff done. She excels at delivering product value at the right time with just the right scope time and again. Her ability to get people onboard with her plans and the tenaciousness with which she handles her tasks are inspiring. Bozena is a modern day product manager who lives and breathes the product she works on and is relentless in making sure that the product is the best that it can be given the resources available to her.
  9. Cecilia Richero Wilson has been working in Product Management in Barcelona for over 12 years and is likely one of the earliest women opening up the Product Management path in Spain. She’s worked at several technological companies not only working as a Product Manager, but also helping create a Product team, instill a Product-oriented mindset and make space for Product at the table at those companies. At her current position as Head of Product at Drinks&Co, she has put together a product team from scratch and is helping them to perform their best every day, impacting on what matters. She is a servant leader who advocates not only for the user, but also for Product Management best practices at work and while lecturing in post-graduate studies for entrepreneurs.
  10. Deepa Daniels is deeply passionate about product development and empowering women in that field. She has worked over 5 years in roles related to product in highly relevant companies (Trustpilot, Zendesk, Peakon). In Copenhagen, she founded a community to empower women product builders and leaders to build products that scale, provide opportunities to connect and resources for career advancement, where she is also mentor. Additionally. she is mentor and advisor of multiple start-ups. Deepa is a champion of inclusion, cross-cultural collaboration and empathy.
  11. Elena Churilova is a Product Manager at Bumble and previously at Booking.com, and she has a true passion for product management. She is persistent when it comes to solving key user problems and doesn’t shy away from giving critical feedback needed to improve the product and user experiences. Possessing a strong set of core PM skills alongside high-level vision, Elena has a great product sense and acumen for working on large-scale products. She never shies from helping those around her and has contributed to many team members’ personal growth. 
  12. A Senior PM at VMware and a volunteer Mentor for Product Management, Fani Bahar knows how to find the balance among customer benefit, sustainable development and technical excellence. She pursues her goals consistently and transparently, without neglecting her friendly and helpful manner. Fani manages company, client and team priorities exceptionally well. Not only does she provide active coaching on SWIFT for the product manager and solution architect on this project (both internal and external), but she also created safe spaces and opportunities for others to facilitate some of these workshops and thus earning their SWIFT facilitation badges. 
  13. Veteran PM at Google, Grace Kwak Danciu has been at Google since 2004 and transferred to Zurich as the one of the earliest “Zooglers” there. Having been involved with many of the initial PM hires and onboarding, in a sense, she is the “godmother” of all Google PMs in Europe. Grace previously worked on Calendar, Assistant, Gmail and many core products at Google, and she now oversees the growth, learning and culture of the PM community at Google, scaling out her knowledge to the entire community! Grace heads Google’s EMEA PM community, first time ever as a full-time role, and has a key role in ensuring the Google EMEA region continues building a strong Product Management culture. Grace is also leading the EMEA WomenPM community within Google. 
  14. Currently a VP of Product at Datagen, Hadas Sheinfeld previously was a PM at Google, leading a team on Google Growth and Notifications while also contributing significantly to building the community of women PMs in Google EMEA. She is a steadfast mentor and sponsor to many women PMs in the region. She moved on to a VP Product role at a computer vision startup and continues to be a strong senior woman PM role model to many. Hadas finds creative ways to create deep bonds between senior women in tech, and she is one of the organizers of the Product Excellence product conference in Israel.
  15. At Beekeeper in Zurich, Iulia Nastasa Jacobsson leads by example as the Head of Product Management in a refreshing and human-centric manner. She shows she can focus on the right things, while taking care of her team and balancing requests coming from the outside. She makes sure to share openly to keep everyone aligned and up to date. When it comes to large data sets, Iulia is able to process incoming information and quickly pick out the highlights while making it extremely easy at the same time. Someone to definitely to look up to!
  16. Izabella Koukorava has been Head of Product position at Sky since 2018, focusing on next-gen IP TV products for the European markets. In August 2021, her work led to the launch of Sky’s Q-over-IP streaming puck, Sky’s smallest set-top-box that fits in the palm of a hand, across Germany and Italy. Izabella holds an MBA degree and has been a volunteer mentor in the product community.
  17. A Lead Product Manager at TUI Musement in Milan, Italy, Jasmine Comi, has experience in many diverse sectors, which gave her the chance to learn best practices and increase her knowledge base, helping her advance quickly in her PM career even in an industry certainly getting affected in recent times.
  18. In addition to working as a Product Manager at major tech companies (Google, Careem – Uber, SAP, Salesforce), Julia Steier is a self-taught graphic artist with a superpower in visually representing ideas. This allows her to bring together people and ideas in visually compelling ways that help her move products forward! Every year, you get a chance to attend her workshops during Product Management Festival.
  19. Based in Poland, Karolina Kozłowska is currently the key part of the Ocado’s journey from delivery to product-driven organization. Her exceptional drive for metrics – KPIs to support the prioritization process and support for innovations – are influencing other product teams within Ocado. Previously, she was the co-founder of Smart Technology Group.
  20. Kateryna Portmann is a Global Product Lead at Hocoma in Zurich, the global leader of robotic and sensor-based devices for functional movement therapy. Kateryna is the business development mentor, and she actively helps the startup project team to valorize and commercialize a state-of-the-art biosensor. She critically assesses the benefits of the product and evaluates models for bringing it to market. Kateryna is actively involved in many projects in her professional and personal life: co-founder of Intercultural Women’s Network and the former President of the NGO, “We are children of Ukraine.”
  21. With over 15+ years management experiences in Product & Project Management, Business Development & Business Process Management Dr. Katrina (Leyking) Simon is currently Head of Life Science Product Management at SAP. During COVID-19, the SAP Life Science solutions helped to fight the pandemic and  were a major key in the distribution of vaccines and their production. Katrina is an excellent leader with a strong reputation not only in the PM team, but also within the company and customers. She is a role model for all women in Product Management.
  22. Lea Stolowicz has been a long-time Google PM working on various Search products such as weather, sports, and dictionary. She was a lead PM on Google’s futuristic “Duplex” project (where Google makes phone calls for you) and was most recently a lead for the Health vertical in Google Search, a very important topic these days! Lea has been volunteering as a mentor for Product League.
  23. A former Senior Technical Product Manager at Amazon, Director at Expedia, VP of Product at Klarna, Leah Farmer is currently using all her acquired experience in her role as a CPTO at Tourlane. She is also a member of Mensa, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world.
  24. Lisa Mo Wagner is described by her colleagues as a complete rockstar. She consistently champions user-first, problem solving best practices with her teams. A passionate advocate for greater inclusion in product and engineering teams, Lisa also gives talks on “inclusive leadership” in product management. She is a product coach and Speaker & WomenTech Ambassador, an institution on a mission to unite 100.000 women in tech to discuss things that matter!
  25. Based in Copenhagen with a strong economic acumen, Lone Aslaug Hansen is managing a 335 Mil. portfolio of Bioenergy at Novozymes for over the past 10 years and constantly provides excellent results through her team. Moreover, she has a very high integrity and allows no short cuts or quality compromises to achieve the company goals.
  26. At Heineken, Lyudmila Todorovska has been pioneering Agile at Scale as a Global Product Owner representing more than 80 operating companies. Not only is she able to manage so many stakeholders at different levels, but she also owns 3 very complex technological products, which are used by all operating companies in Heineken. One of the big achievements and recognitions within Heineken is the federated model of work she introduced in her teams (citizen development 2.0). One of the teams using her model managed to not only implement a whole new platform but also to automate more than 100,000 hours of mundane work.
  27. Based in Zurich and with UBS for over 18 years, Maja Prodanovic manages software products in the client relationship management area. She copes with demanding stakeholders and the challenging regulatory environment in the financial industry, but she still finds time to be very involved in the PM community. 
  28. Manasi Bhalerao joined Just Eat at a time of massive organizational transition and change, which saw her remit change twice in 6 months! She has proactively embraced the change and provided visionary product leadership by quickly understanding the dynamics of the team, business and market. She used this research and knowledge to re-shape the team, pivoted to a longer term and strategic product roadmap and partnered with her counterpart in Takeaway. The result of this is a new, merged global Product function with authentic leadership and a focus on creating brilliant products for all of the  stakeholders from customers to couriers and beyond.
  29. Yale MBA Alumna, Maria A. Polo Guardia, is both an amazing Product Manager and Director and a mentor to other women in tech. She worked at Expedia in London and now resides in Barcelona, where she has created the Product Management curriculum for the women’s tech school AllWomen.tech. Maria also volunteers for many speaking events to mentor and upskill Product Managers.
  30. Amsterdam-based Maria Scerbikova has an impressive and successful career at both large tech companies (Booking.com) and startups. She volunteers teaching product to people from refugee, minority, and low-income backgrounds. She has a passion and determination to talk about sensitive yet important questions that affect us everyday, especially on mental health, diversity and inclusion.
  31. Maria Veledinova is a Senior PM at Progress in Bulgaria, responsible for the Telerik developer tooling product line of web-based UI components, covering various .NET technologies. Maria’s big picture focus and customer-oriented mindset have always been crucial in building successful strategies for products of different technology adoption levels. She is not afraid to go outside of her comfort zone and makes sure that every initiative she takes on leads to success. A truly inspirational leader that leads the product teams (R&D, UX, Marketing) towards what matters, Maria spreads the product mindset both internally to the organization and externally by talking on product-related topics whenever possible.
  32. Based in Israel, Maya Hofree is the superstar product person in the gaming industry, building not just amazing products but also establishing great product teams. Currently VP of New Games at Product Madness, Maya was previously Director of Product at Playtika and Jelly Button. In her free time, she also is a Product Management Lecturer. In the beginning of her career, Maya spent 7 years as a music writer. She is both a product hero and people hero, building strong relationships within the organization and is a person whom everyone is keen to follow and look up to.
  33. Merissa Silk is an outstanding product leader. In addition to running product and engineering at early stage fintech startup, fundingport, she dedicates the majority of her free time to mentoring other women in product. Examples of her generosity include: mentoring with CoffeeCodeBreak, coaching women in product ahead of job interviews and performance reviews, supporting women-led startups such as Bunch.ai, and speaking at women-in-tech events. Merissa is currently organizing a women leaders in tech roundtable discussion to be featured on the Exchange DE podcast. A previous speaker at Product Management Festival, Merissa is fully committed to “sending the elevator back down” for women in product and other technical roles. 
  34. Currently a Senior Product Owner at one of the top successful fin-tech of UK and Europe, RevolutNarmin Ibadullayeva has been working as a product manager in the banking industry for many years at Pasha Bank and Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan. Together with her teams, she managed to transform a fully traditional bank to a 95% digitally operated bank by launching key products.
  35. Geneva-based Olivia Hildebrand leads a team of designers and engineers to develop the now best-selling Logitech MX Keys Keyboard, a product that generated 3x the sales of its predecessor and received unprecedented love from users. The rave reviews raised the bar for the whole team in terms of what is a realistic Amazon ratings target, with a 4.8 stars average rating. She did all this with impressive soft skills, building strong relationships with key stakeholders, and inspiring everyone to be at their best.
  36. Pallavi Modi has a wide breadth of experience in product management. Currently, she is a Senior Product Owner at Flixbus and understands how to lead product discussions away from solution-centric discussions by focusing on the real problem definition and getting to the core of things. This enables the team to deliver the product which truly fits the customer needs. Apart from in-depth product understanding, she succeeds in understanding the business and customer side. In her spare timem Pallavi offers product management mentorship in the Mentoring Club.
  37. Zurich based Patricia Marchetti is currently leading the new SRF News App, a big project at SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen where she has worked over the past 10 years. She manages all the stakeholders (content, marketing etc) and is super focused on user needs and the organization’s strategy.
  38. Sandy Lublink Castagna is Head of Product – Mobile for Groupe SeLoger based in Paris. She is Head of Product with a specialization in mobile and 14+ years experience in both start-up and multinational companies. Sandy has a passion for product culture and challenges between customer advocacy/ user centricity, business growth and technology.
  39. Siobhan Maughan is one of Ireland’s most forward thinking and inspirational product managers. She  possesses a perfect balance of theory with real world insight. Her experience extends beyond product management, thus allowing for clear insights into the practical operational needs of the business, leading to better alignment and engagement between engineering, delivery services and sales and marketing functions. A product management mentor and coach to high potential startups and SMEs, Siobhan also supports product managers who are new to the role and those who are more established to help them up-level their skills. 
  40. A Purdue University graduate, Siphrachanh Reyes brings an amazing level of detail and thoroughness into her collaboration and brainstorming with the delivery teams that enable her team to navigate around the most complex of problems within the digital/e-commerce space. Currently based in Amsterdam and working for Ecco as Head of Global Product Management, Siphrachanh previously held product management positions at Brooksource and Abercrombie & Fitch Co.
  41. A Product Manager at Electrolux in Sweden, Tanu Mittal, started off as a Software Engineer and then transitioned to a Test Lead, Agile Coach and now a PM. With the help of her extensive experience, she helps the world’s second largest appliance maker to build amazing products.
  42. Véronique Jotterand-Hyde is currently working as an Expert Product Owner at Vaudoise Assurances in the French part of Switzerland where she manages a product used by more than 1M users. Fun fact about Veronique: she volunteered as an animator for a morning radio show in Montreal.

Thank you all for all your efforts and contributions to the product community!

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