Topics of Interest

How did you solve a product management challenge? Tell us about your experience and success.
Which personal, organizational, or strategic change helped to improve your products?
Or just tell the community about how things are getting done in your organization.

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We welcome talks in the following areas

  • General PM
  • Product Operations
  • Product Growth
  • Product Leadership
  • Career Development
  • Team/Culture Building
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Future of Work


Become a Better PM
Product Manager’s Tools
Data-driven PM, Data Usage, Analytics
Lean Product Development
Roadmap Planning
Advanced Stakeholder Management
Building your Product Team
Organization and Career
Management and Strategy in Product Management
Measuring PM Organizational Effectiveness
Organizational Models
Product Management Career Paths
Multinational Product Management
Products and Platforms
Cross-platform Agile Development
How Mobile Changed the Product Management Role
Industrial Products
Internet of Things
Product Management in FinTech



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Submission deadlines

  • Key dates:
    – April 22nd – 1st stage Submissions End
    – May 27th – 1st stage (intermediate submission) acceptance
    – July 1st – 2nd stage Submission Deadline (slide submission)
    – July 29th – Final Acceptance
    – August 5th – Schedule Published
    – November 9th-10th – Product Management Festival Europe 2022

Admission process

  • icon_prod_managementWe welcome proposals from all product management professionals to contribute to the program.
  • icon_submit_proposalsSubmitted proposals are reviewed and selected by the independent conference board based on defined and published criteria.
  • icon_rating_criteriaRating based on predefined and published criteria.
  • icon_preference_pmPreference will be given to proposals which focus on product management innovation and practical experiences.