Meet the members

These are the people behind Product Management Festival!

  • Iulia is working as a dedicated product manager of the PMF, bringing in her business and technical knowledge to bring PMF to the next level. Previously has been a product manager in the software industry for 4 years before joining the PMF team.Iulia PornealaProduct Manager
  • Grace is hacking the growth for PMF using her analytical skills to increase the acquisition and conversion. Previously she worked as a Product Manager in the US, and was as well part of the Google team.Grace CamogluGrowth Hacker
  • Marina oversees our Trends and Benchmark report and coordinates our marketing communications and online events. Originally from Barcelona (Catalonia), she is an electrical engineer who’s also spent time as a yoga teacher and IT coordinator in a VFX company (you’ll find her name in movies like Alien, Pirates of the Caribbean and more!). Marina Azon Product Manager and Data Specialist
  • Have a question about the PM executive program PMF launched with INSEAD? Is the program right for you? Kamini guides you through your burning questions about the program and how it can help you in your professional growth goals. Kamini PatelProduct Management Executive Programme Account Director